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Mister Bram in Luxemburg 2023

Actualité publiée le 07/04/2023

De Nature Paisible - Mister Bram in Luxemburg 2023

On April 1st (no, this is NOT a joke !!), mister "Tifrodolly Trotse Bram de Nature Paisible", our Tabooh's brother, won his last point to become INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION !!  So proud of you, nice and gentle boy  :o))

And as if it were not enough, the day after, a very experienced Dutch judge of the breed (Mr Hans van den Berg) appreciated him so much that he gave him CACL-CACIB-BOS with very enthusiastic comments, so that Bram also became on that very day LUXEMBURG BEAUTY CHAMPION !!

Thanks, Anne-Marie, for everything you do with and for him  <3